Thursday, January 14, 2010

The LIST is out! #3

I found out john and i are #3 on the list. It was such an amazing feeling to finally be told the secret answer. But i still feel a bit in the dark.
Waiting for this referral call is so hard. I think about it 24/7. It is hard because we just don't know when the call will come. Tomorrow, next week, next month......
I think things will be better once we cross this step off our list. After this we will know our court dates and will have a certain date to look forward to.

I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or girl. The thrill is just so over whelming!!!

congrats to all the families :)


  1. GREAT NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS. I know how you feel waiting for a referral. We waited knowing we were next for 10 months with Zambia. It will come. And I can't wait to read about your call.

    Andrea H (99)

  2. Congrats on #3 - this must be the hardest part of the wait - the any minute now thing. Hang in there - it won't be long now!!!!

  3. Hoping your next post is to share "the call".....


  4. I can't imagine what being #3 must feel like, hang in there the call WILL come, and if our prayers are answered the call WILL come sooner than later.
    Thinking of you, Nat:)

  5. Cant wait to hear Marcia,
    Not sure how you are doing it , I was actually talking with my sister saying , that I dont know how you are holding up .

    Hold strong you are close
    Shannon aka #60

  6. Wow!!! It will be VERY SOON!!! That is so exciting! And I now know that feeling of waiting to find out whether it was a girl or a boy, and it was so exciting, but also killing me, so I can't wait until you can post that you KNOW!! We will be cheering for you!

  7. ahhhhhhhhh you are not number three anymore,
    You are one proud mamma to one little tiny baby !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats again. Hope to see an update with all the details about when you where standing when the call finally arrived.
    Enjoy this magic night

  8. hello!! i just found you off another blog and have been following along and screaming for joy on the yahoo board! i am so happy for you and can't wait to hear more. :) congratulations! darci

  9. Marcia,
    Just saw the pictures you posted from Jo Ann's trip and I HAD to email you to say how blessed you are. Kaleb just looks so peacefully, happily, wonderful. I'll be thinking of you as you prepare to travel. Congratulations on so much success over the past couple months. It's incredible...